Understanding your webpack config

webpack has a ridiculous number of settings and plugins that you can fine-tune to make your frontend more performant, have smaller bundles, and generally behave the way you expect it to.

The trick is taking the time to actually understand what the settings in your webpack config do.

The articles below cover a few settings and plugins (that were correct as of 2019-10-26) I use regularly, and can help optimise your webpack configuration.

(Shameless plug for the useEffect book I wrote below)

Tired of infinite re-renders when using useEffect?

A few years ago when I worked at Atlassian, a useEffect bug I wrote took down part of Jira for roughly one hour.

Knowing thousands of customers can't work because of a bug you wrote is a terrible feeling. To save others from making the same mistakes, I wrote a single resource that answers all of your questions about useEffect, after teaching it here on my blog for the last couple of years. It's packed with examples to get you confident writing and refactoring your useEffect code.

In a single afternoon, you'll learn how to fetch data with useEffect, how to use the dependency array, even how to prevent infinite re-renders with useCallback.

Master useEffect, in a single afternoon.

useEffect By Example's book cover