OnlineOrNot Diaries 2

Max Rozen

Max Rozen (@RozenMD) / March 03, 2023

Another Friday evening here in Toulouse, I've poured myself a Gallia West Coast IPA, let's go into how OnlineOrNot went this week.

It was a coding week according to CodingWeekMarketingWeek, so I spent my mornings mainly working on the new onlineornot CLI, and writing docs.

On Monday morning, I realized almost none of the API endpoints or CLI commands I built at the end of last week were documented, so I went through and documented everything:

I also implemented and released onlineornot checks create with exactly as many options as when I initially released OnlineOrNot two years ago: name and url.

I considered that enough functionality for a v1, so I cut the v1.0.0 release, and sent out a quick email and blog post for the release.

Folks don't seem that interested in the CLI, but then again it does lack the features the web app has, and it's only a week old.

Since next week is a marketing week, I'll probably record a few screencasts explaining how to login and use the CLI. I recently remembered that I had even built a page for screencasts on the OnlineOrNot marketing site - judging by the screenshot, I haven't touched it in about 18 months.

Apart from the CLI, I also found time to help out a customer by making it possible to check client-side rendered web apps locked behind authentication (both via making it possible to add custom HTTP headers to Browser Checks, and getting past Basic HTTP Authentication).

That's all for this week, looking forward to writing and recording the screencasts next week (I also have a spicy blog post about uptime monitoring brewing in the back of my mind, if I have time for it).

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