Max Rozen


Hi! 👋

I'm Max.

I graduated from Sydney University with a double degree in Software Engineering and Commerce.

I started my career building data pipelines in Python for family offices, before learning web development as a means to display financial data in interesting ways.

I am now a Software Engineer on the web where I build online businesses, and write about it.

Some things I have done

  • I currently am employed by Atlassian as a Software Engineer.

  • PerfBeacon is a paid website performance monitoring service that automates the running of Google's Lighthouse tool. It features an API to enable you to trigger tests after you deploy.

  • OnlineOrNot was a paid GraphQL testing and uptime monitoring service from 2018-10-01 to 2019-10-01 that tested GraphQL queries for correctness and performance.

    As of 2019-10-01 OnlineOrNot became an Uptime Monitoring Service for websites.

    As of 2020-6-15 OnlineOrNot was turned off while I worked on other things.

  • Consulting - I help businesses with advice on front-end web development: whether that's Design Systems, webpack performance, CI/CD, SEO, content marketing or basic blog development.
  • Jobs? Ok! was a job board aggregator where companies could pay extra to be featured.
  • Appointment Scheduler was an online service for booking appointments with busy professionals (think consultants, hair stylists, etc)