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Learning server-side rendering in React with GraphQL

May 15, 2018

Those following me on Twitter/Medium/this blog may remember the job board I launched back in December last year: Essentially it’s a purely serverless job board - A React frontend with an Apollo GraphQL client fetching data, and a NodeJS backend running GraphQL resolvers to pull the data out of DynamoDB. I also pay $9/mo to Pre-render my pages, so that Google can index my site properly.

In case you’re wondering, here’s how it went: Traffic Data

Essentially, no where.

But that’s okay! Because it costs me 50 cents per month to run (Pesky Route53 domain costs!). That major spike in the middle there was when I “launched” by spending $20 on AdWords to see whether there was any need for yet another Job Board. Turns out there is, in Ukraine and Romania.

Stage 2 - Static/Server-side Rendering for SEO

So in case you haven’t noticed - I don’t run the site for profit, it’s primarily motivated by learning. So paying $9/mo to pre-render my pages was fine initially, but I want to learn how to build my projects with Server-side rendering.

So I’ve decided to learn in public, and here we are.

First thing I’m doing is going through this guide:

And its accompanying Github Repository:

This helped get me most of the way to refactoring the JobsOk frontend for server-side rendering, but the one thing I’m still missing is the Apollo GraphQL for SSR.

I plan on going through this documentation:

and posting the results here.

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