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Getting started with Terraform

February 07, 2018 • ☕️ 1 min read

What is Terraform?

Terraform essentially is a binary that talks to cloud providers for you. You define the architecture you want your project to have, and Terraform will go off to Azure/AWS/Google Cloud etc, figure out what infrastructure is already there, and add the architecture you define in a *.tf file (it’ll also ask you to confirm before you blow away mission-critical architecture - nifty!)

Why do I need it?

Essentially it’s a form of communication with your other developers, that goes beyond a simple architecture diagram.

Terraform lets you quickly replicate your existing architecture too. Say you’re already running a production and development environment for your site, and your client asks for a staging site. If you’ve used variables to define your architecture, spinning up a whole new set of databases, servers, and CDNs is just a matter of running a pair of commands.

How do I set it up for Mac?

  • Open Terminal, type:
cd ~
mkdir terraform
nano ~/.bash_profile
  • Inside nano:
  • control + x to save, then run:
source ~/.bash_profile
  • Confirm you’ve installed it correctly by running terraform -v:


Terraform v0.11.3

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